ADDED ON: 02/20/2022

Mexico issues first birth certificate recognising non-binary gender

2/19/22 | Yahoo News

An LGBT+ activist has become the first person in Mexico to be issued a birth certificate recognising his gender as non-binary. Fausto Martinez received the historic birth certificate from the Civil Registry of Guanajuato, a central Mexican state, on 11 February. The 26-year-old took to Twitter to share the process of obtaining the document, which now lists “NB” (non-binary) as their official sex. Martinez said they made their first request to be identified as non-binary in September 2021, but it was denied. With the help of human rights NGO Amicus, Martinez received the support of a judge who ruled that they should be given the gender recognition. In a Twitter thread, they wrote: “I have always said what is not named does not exist. For this reason, the transcendence of this fact, the Mexican state recognises that non-binary people exist and with that we are subject to rights and obligations.”


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