ADDED ON: 05/14/2018

Mexico Bans 17 ‘False’ Transgender Women Running in Local Elections

05/14/2018 | Euro News

The LGBT community in Oaxaca, Mexico, is outraged after 17 men falsely identified themselves as transgender women to stand for the upcoming local elections on July 11. Mexican media reported that various political parties registered men claiming to be transgender women to stand in the upcoming elections for local positions because they were unable to find female candidates. Thirteen out of the 17 candidates belonged to the Coalicion Por Oaxaca (Coalition for Oaxaca), according to Mexican news website “In none of the cases reviewed is there a public self-addressing. They didn’t even say: we’re gay,” said Amaranta Gomez, a member of the Muxes community, during a press conference to denounce the fraud. The 17 men faked being a transgender woman in order to benefit from the gender quota granted by law. As a result of the scandal, their nominations have been cancelled as a precautionary measure.


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