ADDED ON: 07/12/2018

Mexico: Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBT Rights Conservative Party in Morena’s Coalition to Disappear

07/11/2018 | TeleSur

The Mexican electoral authorities are preparing a team to manage and eventually liquidate the assets of the Social Encounter Party (PES) and the New Alliance Party (PANAL), which ran in coalition with President-elect Lopez Obrador’s National Renewal Movement (Morena), as they didn’t pass the three percent threshold in the recent July 1 general elections. The PES was a small party in Mexico’s political sphere, with virtually no popularity among voters. They ran on a conservative, anti-abortion anti-LGBT rights platform, and hoped to join the big scene by joining Morena on the latest elections. However, that was not enough. The electoral tribunal has August 31 as its deadline to review the parties’ appeals, when they will rule if they lose registration or not. But this doesn’t mean they will be gone from the political sphere.


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