ADDED ON: 04/14/2021

Mexican Netflix street vendor star ‘Lady Tacos’ eyes jump to political stage

04/13/2021 | Reuters

After Mexico City’s ‘Lady Tacos de Canasta,’ a street vendor featured in a Netflix series, stood up to police who she said harassed her on the street, she decided to take her fight for worker and LGBT rights to a bigger stage. The 36-year-old, who goes by the name of Marven and identifies as Mexico’s ‘muxe’ third-gender, is now running for Mexico City’s congress, one of a bevy of newcomer candidates in midterm elections in June that will be one of the biggest in Mexico’s history. “All my life I’ve been singled out for my sexual orientation and I’ve been persecuted for selling on public streets,” said Marven, wearing a brightly-colored traditional dress and snapping photos with diners at her small eatery in the capital. “Why not fight, why not raise your voice?” Born in the southern state of Oaxaca, Marven is of Mixtec origin and identifies with the neighboring Zapotec indigenous transgender tradition of muxes, who mix gay male and female characteristics.


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