ADDED ON: 05/25/2021

Members of the LGBTQ community share reality of being queer in South Korea

05/24/2021 | Talon Marks

“I went to this bar and they were doing this competition. And then I was like ‘Oh shit! It exists here, that’s so cool. I have been watching [Rupaul’s] Drag Race and things on YouTube ever since I was young, and it was my first time seeing it in person.” Eric Chai had just witnessed the drag scene in Shanghai for the first time, and remembers being blown away by it. The South Korean was living in Shanghai attending college and at that time, he didn’t really know about the drag scene there. “When I went to college, I was pretty new about everything. I had already come out to my parents when I was in high school in Korea, but I never had any gay friends or been to any gay clubs before,” he said. Eric described the whole experience as being fabulous, but also remembers he was apprehensive at first. He didn’t believe drag was something he could actually be able to do.


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