ADDED ON: 03/08/2020

Mayor condemns posters spreading ‘fear and hate’ that targeted Saskatoon LGBT, newcomer groups

03/07/2020 | CBC

Saskatoon’s mayor says a poster campaign spreading “fear and hate” that targeted OUTSaskatoon and the Saskatoon Open Door Society has no place in the city. The posters, which featured messaging about the “replacement” of European Canadians, were glued to the front of the offices of the newcomer settlement organization and the LGBTQ advocacy group earlier this week. OUTSaskatoon called the posters hateful and an act of white supremacy, and the Saskatoon Open Door Society said the posters were a threat to its staff, clients and the community on a whole. “They’re rooted in misconceptions and misreadings about immigration statistics and are also rooted in hateful, prejudiced and biased understanding of how immigration works in Canada and the Canadian society,” said Ali Abukar, the executive director of the Saskatoon Open Door Society.


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