ADDED ON: 01/09/2019

Marriage equality campaigners urge UK govt. to extend rights to Northern Ireland

01/06/2019 | LGBT Life

Campaigners said they will increase the pressure on Westminster to spread marriage equality to all parts of the UK. Stephen Donnan, a campaigner with LGBTI rights group Love Equality, spoke to the Belfast Telegraph . ‘While the UK legalized same-sex marriages in 2015, Northern Ireland still only has civil unions. This includes same-sex couples who were married in parts of the UK outside of Northern Ireland, who would only be recognized as civil partners in the country,’ he adds. ‘We cannot wait any longer’ For Donnan, the fight is personal. He and his partner, William, will be entering into a civil partnership at the end of January. They are eager to see marriage equality reach Northern Ireland within the next year. ‘Too much time has been lost for same-sex couples who wish to get married here,’ said Donnan.


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