ADDED ON: 02/08/2021

Mangaluru: In a first, Congress elects transgender as office-bearer

02/07/2021 | Times of India

Life has been a roller-coaster ride for 32-year old Sanjana Chalavadi, but consistency and dedication made her the first one from the community to become a general secretary of the Mangaluru City South block of Congress. Born in Kogilban village of Dandeli in Uttar Kannada, Sanjana, reached Mangaluru about 14 years ago. After trying her hands successfully in various fields including acting, she is now determined to work for her community and bring them to the mainstream society and this, she feels, is possible as an office-bearer of a national political party. “While working as a cashier in a restaurant in Mangaluru, I engaged myself in social services and was part of the Congress for many years as an ordinary party worker. The society always looks at ‘mangalamukhis’ as beggars, sex workers and thieves. We want to show that we are on par with the rest of society. All these years, only men and women have been enjoying powers in all sectors. The scenario has changed that people from our community can also be at the helm of any field. I have got a good opportunity and I will use it for the welfare of transgenders, sex workers and beggars.


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