ADDED ON: 10/13/2019

Man who hurled homophobic abuse at nine-year-old boy facing jail

10/12/2019 | Pink News

A Scottish man who assaulted a nine-year-old boy and shouted homophobic abuse at him is facing time in prison. Craig Stoddon appeared at a court in Scotland last week and admitted to swearing at the child and hitting him. Stodden shouted homophobic names at the boy and told him to get “the fuck out” of the house – the boy’s mothers house – on 7 December last year, the court heard. “He shouted at the boy ‘get the f**k out of here’. This caused the boy to cry. The accused bent down to him and shouted ‘Why the f**k are you crying?’ and then struck him to the chest,” prosecutor Vicky McMillan said.


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