ADDED ON: 07/09/2022

Man in China Learns He Has Ovaries and Uterus

7/8/22 | Greek Reporter

A Chinese man by the name of Chen Li, 33, received the shock of his life after learning that he had ovaries and a uterus and that the persistent urinary problems he faced was actually menstruation. Although the man had male external genital organs, he was actually born intersex, meaning that he had female sex chromosomes, ovaries, and a uterus. For around twenty years of his life, Li had suffered from urinary problems, including blood in his urine. These issues brought him to a urologist, who informed the man of his internal anatomy. The man, who is from a very small town in the Sichuan province, which is located in Southwestern China, has since opted to have his ovaries and uterus removed.


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