ADDED ON: 04/15/2022

Man Attacks Chair of Ukrainian LGBT Rights Group

04/14/2022 | South Florida Gay News

(WB) A man on Thursday attacked the chair of an LGBT rights group in Ukraine with pepper spray. Insight Chair Olena Shevchenko in a Facebook post said the man attacked her in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine that is close to the country’s border with Poland, after she and her colleagues had loaded “humanitarian aid for women and children” onto a bus. Shevchenko said “a guy in dark clothes” approached her on the street while she was talking on her cell phone and asked her a question. Shevchenko wrote the man attacked her with a balloon full of tear gas when she turned around to speak with him. “I called [the] police and emergency [services],” wrote Shevchenko. “I have chemical injuries to my face and eyes, hands.”


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