ADDED ON: 03/16/2022

Mamelodi school agrees to LGBTI-inclusive uniform policy.

03/15/2022 | Mamba Online

Rights group Access Chapter 2 (AC2) recently assisted a group of LGBTI+ learners who were discriminated against by a Gauteng school’s exclusionary uniform rules. The organisation was approached by an LGBTI+ pupil who claimed they were subjected to stigma and discrimination at the Mamelodi school, including through its code of conduct which outlines the uniform policy. When AC2’s Legal Unity investigated, it discovered that other learners in the school faced a similar scenario. “The code of conduct states that males should dress in a certain manner and so should females, which is exclusionary, biased and limited to a certain gender-binary context,” said the organisation in a statement. This, it asserted, “potentially excludes other learners, particularly transgender identifying learners, gender diverse or gender non-conforming leaners.”


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