ADDED ON: 06/21/2020

‘Mama Dragons’, protecting LGBT+ Mormon kids in Utah

06/20/2020 | Pink News

A fierce group of Mormon mothers who call themselves the “Mama Dragons” are on a mission to protect LGBT+ kids in Utah, where suicide among young church members is becoming a crisis. Mama Dragons was formed in 2012, when Mormon mother Meg Abhau wrote a blog post about her 13-year-old son coming out as gay. She wrote: “I have always been a mother bear. Once I found out about Jon, that didn’t seem a fierce enough title. “There is a whole new level of protection that has come over me. I now call myself a Mama Dragon. I could literally breathe fire if someone hurt my son.” According to the group’s website, what started as a handful of mothers with LGBT+ children has now become a group of more than 4,000 women.


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