ADDED ON: 06/17/2019

Male couple refused entry to restaurant ‘because a couple is a man and woman’

06/16/2019 | Times of Israeil

A male couple were told they couldn’t dine at a restaurant in the northern city of Nazareth Illit because the special event was reserved for families and couples, and a couple had to be a man and a woman. The incident occurred on Friday, as an estimated 250,000 people parade through the streets of Tel Aviv for the 2019 Pride Parade, celebrating the LGBTQ community. “I booked a place for the Frangelico Upper Nazareth restaurant at 8:30 p.m for me and my partner,” Eden Asaban wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “After I arrived, they told me that it was a day for couples and families. I said that I had booked a place in advance, and that I was here with my partner. Again they told me it was only for couples and emphasized that a couple was a man and a woman.”


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