ADDED ON: 12/18/2021

Malaysia’s human rights commission crucified over conservative view on apostasy, LGBTQ

12/17/21 | Coconuts

Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission, or SUHAKAM, has drawn criticism over its recent statement targeting apostate individuals and those in the LGBTQ community. Two days after the commission gave its unsolicited point of view that emphasized the need to uphold societal and religious norms over equal rights to live, including leading a gay life, local activists slammed the organization for taking on a position that runs contrary to what it was supposed to stand for: advocating for equal rights in Malaysia. “Despite Malaysia being part of [​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​United Nations Human Rights Council], SUHAKAM would rather risk their [National Human Rights Institutions] rank to appease bigots,” LGBTQ activist Numan Afifi said today, referring to the conservative Malay-Muslim majority. “The commissioners have failed to show leadership and courage when human rights in Malaysia [are] on decline. They must resign from the mandate immediately. How utterly shameful!” he added. SUHAKAM did not explain why it was issuing the statement, which came two months after celebrity transwoman Nur Sajat left for Australia while escaping persecution from local Islamic authorities, attracting global attention. She once voiced thoughts about leaving Islam. In the statement titled “Our stance about the freedom of religion and human rights of the LGBT community,” SUHAKAM said that Muslims are allowed to leave the religion in Malaysia but only with permission from the Islamic Sharia Court, which has so far been granting approvals to those who were mistakenly listed as a “Muslim” when they were born.


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