ADDED ON: 04/17/2019

Malaysian LGBT rights activist Numan Afifi questioned by police

04/16/2019 | Pink News

Malaysian LGBT+ rights activist Numan Afifi is being questioned by police over a speech highlighting discrimination against the queer and trans community. Afifi, who founded a LGBT+ rights group in Malaysia, raised concerns alongside a coalition of human rights organisations at a United Nations conference in Geneva last month. “The statement that I read was made by a coalition of 12 Malaysian organisations that work on gender identity and sexual orientation,” Afifi told local news source The Star. “We commended the government for accepting one recommendation, which is the anti-bullying campaign in schools, but raised concerns that Malaysia has rejected the rest of the 10 recommendations on sexual orientation and gender identity,” Afifi added. Afifi told PinkNews he was disappointed a human rights report in the UN could be grounds for a police investigation but added: “Our community should remain resolute and it has motivated me to continue campaigning for LGBT rights.”


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