ADDED ON: 06/15/2019

Malaysian human rights group reject LGBTI rights in letter

06/13/2019 | Gay Star News

A Malaysian human rights campaigner has rejected LGBTI rights, claiming they are a ‘western import’. Azril Mohd Amin from the Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (Centhra) wrote a letter to the New Straits Times condemning the pursuit of LGBTI rights. Centhra are a coalition of Islamic NGOs. They argue that while they respect LGBTI people’s right to life, they do not respect to pursue orientation-based rights. In the article, Amin says: ‘While we affirm that LGBT persons have the right to basic dignity and freedom accorded to all persons, such as the right to life and dignity, we would like to remind the public that no one has the right to disrupt society, to offend the values of the culture and the religion of the federation, nor the values of any other religion in Malaysia.’


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