ADDED ON: 03/03/2020

Malaysian band’s new song encourages LGBTs to die and YouTube lets it keep on playing

03/03/2020 | Gay Star News

LGBT+ Malaysians have criticized popular punk-rock band Bunkface for an ‘extremist anthem’ that calls for the death of LGBT+ people. The multi-award winning band has been popular in the southeast Asian country since 2006. They were among the first Malaysian bands to embrace the punk-rock style which Western artists had long dominated. But their new song, Akhir Zaman or ‘End of Times’ includes a dangerously anti-LGBT lyric. In the song, the band says ‘LGBT pergi mampus’ which translates as ‘go die, LGBT’ or possibly ‘go to hell, LGBT’. The LGBT+ community in the country have mobilized to report the song to YouTube for inspiring hatred. LGBT+ Malaysian site Queer Lapis said: ‘Our tech overlords, which includes YouTube, typically have so-called “impartial” community guidelines which enable a lot of anti-LGBT and hateful content to fester.


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