ADDED ON: 09/03/2018

‘Making Amends to God’: Militant Christians To Rally Against Malta LGBT Pride

09/02/2018 | Lovin Malta

A group of hardline Christians will gather in Valletta a day before the annual Malta Pride festival to protest against LGBT rights. The protest event was uploaded to Facebook by ‘Pro Malta Christiana’, a group which describes itself as a lay Catholics who follow the path of Plinio Correo de Oliviera – a late Brazilian Catholic activist who had described homosexuality as “the number one enemy of the family”. The group’s Facebook page is administered by Philip Beattie, who used to be secretary-general of Josie Muscat’s now-defunct ‘National Action’ political party. Beattie last made national headlines last year when he spoke at a protest against the Marriage Equality law, which he lambasted as a “communist and totalitarian” law that abolishes the basic concept of “natural marriage”.


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