ADDED ON: 01/03/2022

Major group of UK girls schools says ‘it will not accept transgender students’

01/02/2022 | Express

A LEADING group of girls schools has stated it will not accept transgender students through fears of jeopardising single-sex status, leaving unions to call on the Government for guidance. The Girl’s Day School Trust (GDST), which represents 25 institutions, updated the new policy last month and advised its members, parents and trustees following the decision. In a new section on admissions, the GDST said its schools do not accept applications from pupils who are legally biologically male, even if they identify as women. They said that having a policy on “gender identity” rather than the sex recorded on a pupil’s birth certificate would “jeopardise the status of GDST schools as single-sex schools” under the 2010 Equality Act. The GDST, which counts institutions including Greater London’s 137-year-old Sutton High School among its members, said the guidance was drawn up “in collaboration with experts, teachers and students”.


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