ADDED ON: 07/16/2019

Madrid LGBT activists: “We teach the workshops that Vox wants to ban”

07/16/2019 | El Pais

“Ms Monasterio, we teach the workshops that you want to ban.” Miguel, María and Sergio are LGBT activists who do volunteer work for Cogam, a Madrid association, and for the Triángulo Foundation. Both groups organize LGBT-phobia awareness workshops at Madrid high schools. Their words are aimed at Rocío Monasterio, a regional leader of Vox, the far-right party that first entered parliamentary institutions in December 2018 and has since made gains at local, regional and general elections held in April and May of this year. On July 9, Vox requested information from the Madrid regional assembly regarding LGBT workshops held by Cogam at public or regionally funded schools. The move is in line with similar petitions filed in the regions of Valencia and Andalusia (where the right-of-center Popular Party and Ciudadanos head a joint government with Vox’s support).


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