ADDED ON: 10/07/2018

Low Turnout On Second Day Of Romania’s Same-Sex-Marriage Referendum

10/07/2018 | Radio Free Europe

Romanians are voting for a second day on whether to change the constitution to strictly ban same-sex marriage in a two-day referendum in the conservative country. Turnout was reported to be extremely light, with election authorities saying 7.2 percent of the estimated 19 million eligible voters had cast a ballot by midmorning on October 7 in the two-day referendum. The referendum requires a 30 percent turnout of registered voters to be valid. A poll released on October 5 by CURS estimated a turnout of 34 percent with 90 percent in favor of the change. “We expect a stronger showing in rural areas on [October 7] after Mass, but this trend will have to be replicated all day, including in the cities, to reach the [30 percent] threshold,” sociologist Barbu Mateescu told the French AFP news agency.


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