ADDED ON: 08/22/2018

Love is Love: LGBTI Community Calls for Acceptance in Legal Battle

08/21/2018 | IOL

# LOVE is LOVE was the overall message conveyed by members of the gay and lesbian community on Tuesday during the legal challenge in which certain members of the Dutch Reformed Church challenged the Church’s change of heart regarding same-sex unions. The one side of the public gallery in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, was taken up by various of the church fathers and leaders. The other side was a display of black T-shirts bearing the message of love, depicting illustrations of heterosexual and homosexual couples holding hands. The overall theme of the love message bearers was “don’t unfairly discriminate against anyone, but embrace people for who they are”. The message on the side of the Church leaders was that they are not preventing same-sex unions in general. But it is not allowed in their Church.


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