ADDED ON: 05/10/2018

Looking for Rohmer Challenges China’s Cinematic Gay Taboo

05/09/2018 | BBC

A low-budget film has made headlines in China, not for its glowing success at the box office or critical acclaim, but simply because it made it into cinemas at all. Looking for Rohmer, adapted from a novel, is a story of love and friendship between two men, one Chinese the other French. A co-production between China and France, the film was shot in Tibet, Provence, Paris and Beijing. Three weeks on from its debut in April, the film’s domestic gross box office had barely surpassed $600,000 (£441,772). And it has received relatively poor reviews from both moviegoers and critics, scoring only 4.5 out of 10 on Douban, China’s popular movie review platform.


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