ADDED ON: 03/10/2020

London’s only specialist HIV/AIDS hospital, famously visited by Princess Diana, faces imminent closure

03/10/2020 | Pink News

Countless people living with HIV are worried about their future as Mildmay Hospital, London’s only specialist hospital for supporting them, is threatened with closure. Mildmay Hospital, in the trendy East London neighbourhood of Shoreditch, has treated people living with HIV for decades. But its closure has raised alarms for people reliant on the hub for treatment as well as HIV advocates, wary of not only the potential health consequences on patients but emotional ones, too. Hosptial leaders have blamed the threat of closure on limited National Health Service funding. The cutting of the service’s budget, withered by a decade of cuts from conservative governments, has seen nearly a third of community hospital beds shut down in the last 10 years.


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