ADDED ON: 10/24/2020

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Dozen Anti-LGBT Candidates

10/23/2020 | Pink News

The Log Cabin Republicans, which describes itself as “the nation’s original and largest organisation representing LGBT conservatives and straight allies”, has endorsed 34 candidates from across the United States ahead of the upcoming election. A number of the candidates have been vocal in their opposition to marriage equality, but some have made even more shocking claims about queer people. Anna Paulina Luna, who is running as the Republican party’s candidate for Florida’s 13th US House District, tweeted in June 2019 that “paedophilia is not a sexual orientation”, but claimed that “LGBT is being used” to make child abuse “socially acceptable”. Meanwhile, Nancy Mace retweeted claims in 2014 that Lindsey Graham was a “Nancy boy”, a well-known anti-gay slur. She later blamed the retweet on a staff member and had it removed.


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