ADDED ON: 04/26/2020

Lockdown, religion, migrant, survival, and more

04/25/2020 | Tribune India

The good thing about this Chinese virus is that it has knocked the stuffing out of religion. Where are monotheism, polytheism, in fact theism itself? What about God, Jehovah, Allah and the three gods of Hinduism? The Holy Ghost has become a little ghostly. One would think that atheism has come into its own at last — like LGBT and gay marriages. I hope I haven’t offended any lobby? The question comes up: where was God 5,000 years earlier? Did He exist? Suppose He existed a hundred million years earlier? The dinosaurs may not have been extinct. I have a theory that if the dinosaurs had got hold of a good pujari and held a yagya, or yajna as it is now pronounced, things would have been hunky-dory for them. A decent prayer, with abhishek and aarti to boot, and we could have averted the meteor hit itself. The world would have been a Jurassic Park! The migrants today, uncared for and not mentioned once by the great leader, sent me scurrying to find a parallel from history. Thank God for Herodotus that we can fall back on history.


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