ADDED ON: 12/18/2022

Local Canberra history tour uncovering the lives of the LGBTQIA+ community in the nation’s capital

12/17/2022 | ABC

Once the location of Canberra’s first publicly-organised LGBTQIA+ event in the ACT, today Glebe Park, located in the heart of the city, acts as a meeting place for Lucy Dingwall and Sita Sargeant, two queer women waiting patiently to begin their walking tour. As a number of tour participants arrive, Lucy announces to the group: “Canberra is Australia’s queerest city”. She is right. In the most recent census, Canberra was found to be home to the largest percentage of same-sex couples in any state or territory. And, while homosexuality was only officially decriminalised in the territory in 1976, the city has a long history of LGBTQIA+ advocacy and resistance.


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