ADDED ON: 08/27/2021

Lithuania’s second city continues court row around first LGBTQ+ pride

08/27/2021 | Baltic News Network

A court in Lithuania has ordered Kaunas municipality to allow holding the first LGBTQ+ pride event in the city. The municipality has appealed against the ruling adding suspense to the event planned for September 4, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports. The Kaunas municipality previously refused to approve a route for Kaunas Pride along the main street, saying the event would disturb traffic and local businesses. The organisers sued the city and the court ruled on July 30 in their favour. Kaunas Municipality had 30 days to appeal the decision and did so days before the deadline and a little over a week until the pride march, planned for September 4. In the appeal, the municipality claims that parts of Laisvės Avenue, the intended venue of the march, are still under repair and that the street is generally unsuited for big events.


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