ADDED ON: 09/10/2018

Lithuanian Artist Launches LGBT Rainbow Flashmob After Arson Attack

09/10/2018 | Calvert Journal

Lithuanians are fighting to flood their country with hundreds of rainbow flags following a suspected homophobic arson attack against an artist in Vilnius. Police officers in Vilnius warned gay filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas to remove a rainbow flag from his balcony after a fire was deliberately set inside his apartment building last week. The fire, which damaged the apartment of one of Zabarauskas’ neighbours, is being investigated as a possible hate crime.  Instead, Zabarauskas teamed up with human rights advocate Tomaš Ilja to launch a rainbow flashmob, raising thousands of euros overnight to buy 500 more flags and distribute them for free across Vilnius.  The pair also called on others to hang rainbow flags from their own windows and balconies and share photos with the hashtag #LGBTdraugiškaLietuva (LGBT-Friendly Lithuania).


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