ADDED ON: 04/01/2021

Lil Nas X’s satanic music video ‘liberating’ for Black gay men

03/30/2021 | Thomson Reuters Foundation

Lil Nas X may have angered Nike by selling “Satan Shoes” to promote his latest song, but many gay Black people see the video where the rapper gives the devil a lap dance as empowering. Conservatives have condemned the video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” – where Lil Nas X puts on devil horns in hell – but the Grammy-winning rapper said on Twitter that he aimed to “open doors for many other queer people to simply exist”. “Historically they say queer people are satanic … and now you see queer people claiming that position with Satan,” said Matthew Blaise, a Nigerian LGBT+ activist. “It’s liberating for me – we are reclaiming this form of negativity that people put on us,” Blaise told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Lagos. “The last person that told me I was demonic was my mother and that was two weeks ago.”


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