ADDED ON: 01/30/2019

Life in the Closet: The LGBT Community in Central Asia

01/29/2019 | The Diplomat

While much recent attention has been focused on the LGBT community in Chechnya and the wider North Caucasus, sexual minorities in Central Asia live under significant pressure as well. Russia’s 2013 law prohibiting “propaganda” promoting non-traditional sexual relations has had a consequential impact on LGBT issues in Central Asia. It triggered the introduction of an analogous bill in Kyrgyzstan in 2014. The bill passed second readings twice in 2015 and 2016 and was heading for a third reading and final review before it was suspended due to a change of government. Thus, the law remains in limbo for now with little information available on its future development. Nevertheless, its effect on the LGBT community in Kyrgyzstan has been tremendous.


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