ADDED ON: 04/27/2022

Life in Scotland is getting worse, say young LGBT+ people.

04/26/2022 | The Guardian

Life for LGBT+ young people in Scotland is “worse now than it has been for a long time”, according to a report that highlights growing concerns about homophobia in public spaces, bullying in schools and transphobic media coverage.
The five-yearly report from the campaigning and advocacy group LGBT Youth Scotland found a sharp decrease in respondents who believe that Scotland is a good place for LGBTI young people to live, falling from 81% in 2017 to 65% in 2022 and the first drop in the figure for 15 years. There was also a significant increase in those who believe that homophobia and transphobia is a “big problem” in Scotland since the last survey was undertaken in 2017 – rising from 11% to 25% and 49% to 69% respectively.


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