ADDED ON: 09/15/2020

Life getting better for Moroccan LGBTQ community

09/15/2020 | Youth Journalism International

Fez, MOROCCO – Having a sexual orientation other than straight in Morocco is complicated at best, but seems to be slowly getting better. Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community here have difficulties speaking out and freely expressing themselves as individuals with different sexual orientations in Moroccan society. They can face social, religious and economic problems. Under Moroccan law, female and male same-sex sexual activity is considered illegal, and the person who commits it might get detained from six months to three years and fined between 111 to 1,105 Moroccan dirham – or about $12 to $120 U.S. dollars. But in recent years, it’s become rare to hear about people getting arrested in Morocco for these acts. “I feel like Morocco, year after another, is getting exposed more to the LGBTQ+,” activist Adam Muhammad of Marrakesh said in an interview translated from Arabic. “Some of them are getting used to the term and accepting the fact that queer people are members of the Moroccan society. Others still respond to this movement with hatred and antipathy.”


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