ADDED ON: 12/15/2021

Liberia’s LGBTQ Community Faces Enormous Challenges

12/14/2021 | Liberian Observer

Being a lesbian or gay man is a non-issue. Being harmed because of who we are, is a huge issue,” Lorna Dias, Executive Coordinator of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, said more than six years ago. Dias’ lamentation, which was provoked by the unceasing attacks, harassment, and intimidation members of her community endured daily, is not unique to that East African Country. Here in Liberia hostility towards members of the Lesbian and Gay Community in Liberia (LGBTQ) continues to persist and the situation has been exacerbated further since the outbreak of COVID-19 and its underlying restrictions. Jennifer Kuwa Henshaw, Executive Director for LEGAL, an advocacy organization that works with minority groups, says the LGBTQ community continues to struggle for equality in a country that largely views them as the antithesis to their culture.


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