ADDED ON: 11/15/2021

LGBTQ+ youth violently attacked in Jerusalem on way to trans conference

11/14/2021 | Jerusalem Post

A group of LGBTQ+ youth were violently attacked near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem on Friday, while they were on their way to a conference on transgender issues being held in Tel Aviv. In a post on Facebook, Tsion Eliash stated that they were walking with their friend towards the bus stations in front of International Convention Center in Jerusalem on Friday to wait for a shuttle to the convention in Tel Aviv, when a group of teenagers began shouting at them “This isn’t Tel Aviv!” and “Go to Gaza, be lesbian there!” While Eliash and their friend, Noam, tried to ignore the group, one of the teenagers bumped into them violently from behind, causing them to spill the coffee they were holding on themselves, with Eliash writing that the teenagers began laughing and seemed “pleased with themselves.” “I told him ‘what the hell,’ [and] we started walking faster,” wrote Eliash on Facebook. “They all rushed after us. One of them cupped Noam in the groin. Another began to moan and hold his genitals. Noam shouted at them not to touch him. They threw small stones at us and started pushing and touching us randomly, just to show that they could.” At this point, Eliash and Noam arrived at the bus station and saw three of their friends and hoped that the teenagers would leave them alone if they grouped together, but the teenagers continued attacking them. “They crowded around the five of us, cursing, shouting insults, pushing,” wrote Eliash, adding that they threatened to call the police, but the teenagers just responded by mocking them and making sexual statements. After one member of the group of LGBTQ+ youth told the teenagers to go away, the teenagers pushed them to the floor.


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