ADDED ON: 06/29/2019

LGBTQ Tour Group Cancels Ethiopia Trip After Death Threats

06/25/2019 | NBC Chicago

Death threats force a Chicago-based gay tour group to cancel an upcoming trip to Ethiopia. “One of the emails was you cannot come here you are not even human,” expressed Dan Ware, owner of Toto Tours. “You are less than human. So that, it’s like a blow to the heart.” Ware said he was devastated he had to cancel his upcoming trip because they accused them of promoting a different lifestyle, “of trying to pervert their youth…this being sex tourism,” after publishing the itinerary online. “We had descriptions of buried alive, burned alive; I had an ISIS-type video with a guy with a mask on his head, brandishing his sword saying we are going to cut your throat,” Ware explained. “It was not something to ignore.”


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