ADDED ON: 07/12/2022

LGBTQ streaming content influences Koreans’ perception of sexual minorities

07/11/2022 | Asia News Network

Two men fall into each other‘s arms on a bed. This scene, which might have been nearly unthinkable on Korean TV only a few years ago due to negative attitudes toward homosexuality, was part of the first episode of Korean streaming service Wavve’s new reality show “Merry Queer,” starring gay, lesbian and transgender couples. The co-hosts of the show, famous comedian Shin Dong-yup and TV personality and restaurateur Hong Seok-cheon, who came out as gay several years ago, expressed their emotions at the launch of the LGBTQ romance reality show “Merry Queer.”
Shin felt that the public’s view toward sexual minorities here is slowly changing, and a program like “Merry Queer” will be watched by many. Meanwhile, Hong said he never thought a show like this was possible and was deeply moved to be hosting.


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