ADDED ON: 03/28/2022

LGBTQ Reggaeton, Hitting Macho Music Scene With Beats And Politics

03/27/2022 | Worldcrunch

RÍO PIEDRAS — It’s midnight at the Casa Cultural Ruth Hernández Torres, a historic house that serves as a cultural and community center. Blue and pink lights flash as Ana Macho takes to the dance floor. Sporting pink sunglasses and athletic attire, surrounded by dozens of fans swaying to the Caribbean rhythms, the artist sings about freedom, survival, and economic and social justice. “It’s about the paradise that Puerto Rico is, but the one who lives here can’t live it,” says Ana Macho, whose original song “Blin Blin” embodies this message. A local celebrity as a drag queen performer since 2016, Ana Macho identifies as a nonbinary person who celebrates gender diversity. As an unconventional yet rising star, the artist represents a new wave of reggaeton, the Latin dance music genre that has traditionally embraced hypermasculine, heterosexual norms.


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