ADDED ON: 11/10/2021

LGBTQ+ organizations launch plan to combat sexual abuse

11/09/2021 | Jerusalem Post

After a series of sexual assault and misconduct allegations against gay TV personality Gal Uchovsky and activist Etai Pinkas-Arad, the Agudah-The Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel and additional organizations in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have launched a plan to combat sexual abuse in that community. The plan, which will continue for about six months, aims to help create safer spaces by promoting certain behavior and language with zero tolerance for abuse, harassment or exploitation. The first stage of the plan will launch a campaign to encourage victims of sexual abuse and harassment in the LGBT community to report incidents to centers for vicitms and hotlines from the Agudah. The organizations will also back up the psychosocial network and offer personal and group therapy.


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