ADDED ON: 09/05/2019

LGBTQ MPs quit Britain’s Liberal Democratic party after dramatic defection of ex-Tory Phillip Lee: ‘a homophobe, a xenophobe’

09/04/2019 | New York Daily News

The party is over for some members of Parliament in the U.K. Former-member of the Conservative Party Phillip Lee might have messed up Boris Johnson’s Brexit chances when he joined the Liberal Democrats in a dramatic walking-across-the-aisle move on Tuesday. In a spectacular, Hollywood-worthy show of defection, Lee crossed the chamber during the prime minister’s speech, and sat next to Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson. Johnson has now lost a working majority putting into serious question his future plans of a no-deal Brexit. However, not all members of the Democratic Liberal party are celebrating. Several of them have, in fact, announced they would leave the party in protest, BuzzFeed News reported. To Jennie Rigg, a self-described bisexual polyamourous liberal, Lee’s voting record proves that he was “not a liberal,” and his views on LGBTQ rights, including HIV migrants, were “problematic.”


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