ADDED ON: 09/20/2021

LGBTQ issues lacking in federal election, say voters from Sask. community

09/19/2021 | CBC News

LGBTQ voters in Saskatchewan say federal leaders have missed the mark on issues important to the queer community during the election campaign. According to recent statistics, Canada is home to more than one million people who identify as LGBTQ. Despite the national queer population being almost equal to the entire population of Saskatchewan, their issues and rights haven’t been reflected proportionately in the party platforms, the Saskatchewan community members say. Raylee Perkins, a queer educator from Regina, said a lack of federal funding is a critical issue for many organizations across the country. As a board member of the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, a non-profit at the University of Regina, she sees the benefits the organization provides to community members and their families. “Currently we don’t have the grant money. It’s run out. The funding of those programs is critical because then we can do more work in the community beyond just getting those base level programs running.” Perkins said there is a huge need for mental health and other support in the community, and that the pandemic has only exacerbated it.


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