ADDED ON: 08/20/2018

LGBTQ+ Germans Reveal Life of Insults with #MeQueer

08/19/2018 | Deutsce Weille

LGBTQ+ people in Germany are sweeping Twitter with the hashtag #MeQueer, exposing how difficult life can still be in the country. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, pansexual and queer people are using the hashtag, modeled on the #MeToo movement, to expose the reality of their situations. In one tweet, a 19-year-old describes walking through the streets of Berlin wearing a rainbow T-shirt when an elderly man shouts out, “When I was young, we, fortunately, could have gassed you!” Threats of violence and open insults still persist for many people. “The worst thing is when I just walk around holding hands with my boyfriend, then get spat on and have insults hurled out of cars at me. I’m not doing anything bad, nothing sexual, I just love my sweetheart,” one Twitter user wrote.


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