ADDED ON: 03/12/2020

LGBTQ community unites to empower one another

03/11/2020 | Tembisan

It is said that for years, the LGBT or LGBTQ community has been overlooked and discriminated against. Over the past weekend, the LGBTQ community came together to find solutions to the problems that mostly affect them. Enter Your New Dreams Media, in partnership with Engage Men’s Health, presented the Bring Back The Dignity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex event at Znikho lounge, Sangweni, Thembisa. The event was aimed at addressing the issues of discrimination, hate speech and behaviour towards this community in public spaces. The event was hosted by Khosi Buthelezi and Nkosikhona Shaun Khumalo as the co-host. Khumalo said they aimed at addressing issues that take away and shame their pride and dignity as the LGBT community.


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