ADDED ON: 10/26/2019

LGBTQ+ Community Rallies Against Anti-Trans ‘LGB Alliance’

10/25/2019 | Out Magazine

A new lesbian, gay, and bisexual alliance group was blasted by on social media for excluding trans and nonbinary communities. The “LGB Alliance” group launched Tuesday evening with “gender critical feminist” (another term for the so-called trans exclusionary radical feminists or TERFs) and lawyer Allison Bailey calling it a “historic moment for the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual movement” on Twitter. Bailey has since privatized her account as a result of backlash. Members of the community took to social media to blast the group under the hashtag #LGBTQFamily. Broadcaster Sarah O’Connell called LGBT Alliance an attempt to divide the larger community. “A small but highly-funded hate group are obsessively trying to divide the LGBTQ community & push everyone out of society,” O’Connell tweeted. “Let’s get #LGBTQFamily trending to show that we’re ALL in this together! (Allies too!),”. The LGB Alliance Twitter page had amassed a following of 6,073 as of Friday and describes itself as “Asserting the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex attracted. Gender is a social construct.”


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