ADDED ON: 08/20/2019

LGBTQ church vandalized six times in two weeks

08/19/2019 | KOB TV

An LGBTQ church has been vandalized six times in the past two weeks and churchgoers are worried their community is the target. “Really the first time, I thought, oh, maybe it was just a mistake or, you know, some kids playing around,” said churchgoer Andy Najar. Najar has been attending the Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque for more than three decades. “We really celebrate diversity in our community because we’re all different,” he said. Despite the repeated vandalism, MCC pastor Judith Maynard said they will not be afraid. “It’s just the times we live in,” Maynard said. The rocks the vandals used to throw through the windows are now stacked at the front of the worship space to symbolize something else.


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