ADDED ON: 04/20/2022

LGBTQ Agenda: LGBTQ group disappointed court rules diversity law is unconstitutional.

04/19/2022 | Bay Area Reporter

Members of LGBTQ and other minority business associations have expressed disappointment at a recent court decision that has ruled a California law aimed at increasing diversity on corporate boards is unconstitutional. A Southern California judge made the ruling on a law that was intended to broaden access to the state’s powerful business community for those rarely seen in its corporate boardrooms, including LGBTQ persons. By identifying numerous ethnic, racial, and sexual minorities and mandating their inclusion in the boardrooms of publicly traded companies based in California, Assembly Bill 979, signed into law September 30, 2020, expanded the talent pool of who could serve on executive offices and boards, similar to Senate Bill 826, which was passed in 2018 and sought to increase women’s representation in those same boards and offices.


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