ADDED ON: 01/27/2022

LGBTQ+ Afghans Struggle for Work and Food as Taliban Threats Grow

01/26/2021 | Global Citizen

Jan. 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — LGBTQ+ Afghans face increasing threats and violence five months since the Taliban seized power, with many forced into hiding and unable to earn a living amid a worsening economic crisis, researchers said on Wednesday. Sixty LGBTQ+ Afghans who were interviewed by rights groups said the community was being targeted by members of the hardline Islamist movement and their supporters, making it too risky for them to work or even leave the house. Two gay men said they had been raped by Taliban fighters, while many others said they had been threatened or attacked, found the report by Human Rights Watch and OutRight Action International, an LGBTQ+ nonprofit. With Afghanistan’s economy deep in crisis and millions at risk of starvation this winter, many of those interviewed said their inability to go out to work was an even bigger concern.


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