ADDED ON: 12/22/2020

LGBTQ advocates sue Trump administration over strict, new asylum rules

12/21/2020 | Border Report

“The Trump administration is pretending to follow the law, but actually it is changing the rules,” said Jennifer Pizer, an attorney with Lambda Legal. “The new rules say it has to be by government or by officials working like police acting at the discretion of the government in court persecuting, that’s ridiculous.” Pizer says her firm, which is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and people with HIV, has filed a lawsuit to keep these new rules from being applied. “Together with co-council Immigration Equality, we are suing the Trump administration today to try and stop the implementation of these rules,” said Pizer. “These rule changes are one more example of an effort to slam and lock the doors contrary to U.S. law that is why we are suing.” The new rules were proposed in June. And unless the courts step in, they will go into effect nine days before President Trump leaves office. The administration has blocked asylum seekers for various reasons including “saving jobs for American workers,” and to “prevent the spread of COVID-19.”


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