ADDED ON: 08/13/2021

LGBTQ Adults Are Facing Hunger At Almost Twice The Rate As Others, New Data Shows

08/12/2021 | NPR

LGBT adults living in the U.S. are nearly twice as likely to be experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic than non-LGBT adults, according to new survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Of the more than 64,000 people who responded to the bureau’s latest Household Pulse Survey, just over 13% of LGBT adults reported living in a household that experienced food insecurity in the past seven days, compared to 7.2% of non-LBGT adults. The survey also revealed the extent to which many LGBT Americans are struggling with economic insecurity. According to the results, 36.6% of LGBT adults reported living in a household that struggled to pay for expenses in the past seven days, with over 8% saying they were not confident they could afford to make their next housing payment on time. By comparison, just over one quarter of adults who do not identify as LGBT reported experiencing economic insecurity. Nearly one-in-five LGBT adults reported living in a household with lost employment income in the past four weeks, compared to just under 17% for non-LGBT adults.


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